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In Mayan culture the sun was the symbol of life itself, and symbolized a warming of our ideas, and the creation of life itself. 4. The Jaguar. The Jaguar to the Mayan, was a symbol of power, and rule. The Jaguar God ruled over the Mayan underground at night, and during the day enters the skies and watch over us. Ancient Mayan Astronomy: the Sun, Moon, and Planets The moon was nearly as important as the sun for the ancient Maya. Mayan astronomers analyzed and predicted the moon’s movements with great accuracy. As with the sun and planets, Mayan dynasties often claimed to be descended from the moon. Mayan mythology generally associated the moon with a maiden, an old woman and/or a rabbit. The Mayan Zodiac Symbols, Names & Meaning – Which One Are ... La Luna del Halcón (The Moon of the Falcon) – Feb 7 – Mar 6. The falcon is one of the most sacred animals for the Mayan people. This explains why you may always experience good luck with all of the things that you do. You have a strong character and you have ambitions that you always want to fulfill.

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Mayan Zodiac Symbols And Names | nextOHM Астрология Mayan Zodiac Symbols And NamesModern Mayan people have not provided further meaning into the symbolism of the signs, so there are a lot of different interpretationsYou have a natural affinity for moon energies. Consider wearing moonstone to increase your connection with lunar energies. Moon Symbol

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The traditional Mayas generally assume the moon to be female, and the moon's phases are accordingly conceived as the stages of a woman's life. The Maya moon goddess wields great influence in many areas. Being in the image of a woman, she is associated with sexuality and procreation, fertility and growth, not only of human beings, but also of ... Mayan Astrology - Lunar Cafe

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